Thursday, June 3, 2010

Learning to Fly

Here I am after nearly three months of silence. Once spring arrived, I ran immediately to my garden. I am growing a few veggies this year. I harvested some broccoli as well as snow and early peas yesterday. The peas taste like little green balls of sugar! Yum!

Sunday began Kelly Rae Roberts' online class, Taking Flight. She designed it to help hopeful artistic types (like me, yes, ME!) launch our creative businesses. Our most recent lesson was about blogging and how important it is to document our process and our growth. So I have made a commitment to write at least one to two times per week. I realized that I had only 30 posts since starting this blog back in September 2008. I am looking forward to changing that habit. I want to share more of myself, my goals and dreams.

In my last post, I talked about some crochet projects I had been working on. I photographed them on our patio table this afternoon. As I was displaying and photographing them, I realized what has been holding me back as far as opening an etsy shop. It was that nasty monster called PERFECTIONISM. I thought my creations had to be absolutely pristine and perfect for anyone to be interested in them. I want to change my perfectionism to "high quality and attention to detail". That should be a more achievable goal. Here are my creations:

The first is an oval basket made out of satin rattail cord.

A square basket made out of the satin cord.

An oval basket made with three colors of hemp cord.

A square napkin basket made with natural hemp cord.

A round beaded hemp basket.

A purple hemp pencil cup.

Red hemp pencil cup.

Purple hemp tiny square basket. Right now it is holding my favorite rocks, but it was designed for business cards.

Today is my 44th birthday as well. I feel much better about my life and myself than I did a year ago. This is going to be great year, one of growth and wonderful opportunities.


Jen said...

Your baskets look amazing! You're well on your way to "high quality and attention to detail." We are always our own worst critics.

Have a Happy Birthday! You should check out this music video for a bit of inspiration for the year ahead =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm coming over from "Flight Lessons"
I can completely relate to you about Perfectionism! I am the same way and it holds me back. It's also hard for me to make decisions because I'm afraid it might not be the perfect one. Sometimes my art takes me a really long time because I dwell too much and too long on things. UGG!

Anyway, wanted to tell you that your baskets are beautiful.... Just perfect! I love the vibrant colors!

Have a Wonderful Birthday. May god bless you abundantly!


Kolleen said...

oh my goodness....don't hide your wonderful creations away!!!! they are WONDERFUL!!!

i am a fellow flyer and wanted to pop in and say "hi"!!!

i know exactly what you mean about that nasty little gremlin called "perfectionism"!! he can get the best of us sometimes, can't he?!?! i love your new way of looking at it...high quality and attention to detail!!

wishing you the most magically delicious and happy happy happy birthday!!!


Gypsy Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE these baskets & pen cups! The little beads on the hemp ones are so darling.

Thank you for you kind comment. It means so much to hear from others when you're just starting to put yourself out there. :)

I am really loving Kelly Rae's course too. I love the sense of community... it's just amazing to experience. I know we're all going to benefit so much!

Happy birthday!

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Okay Julia ... once Kelly talks about setting up an etsy shop you will have to do it. These are really cute.

It took me a long to find the courage to start blogging and open my own etsy shop - I've done both in the last couple of months.

I'm a perfectionist too ... my own worse critic ... but I've also learned the hard way that life is short and you don't always get a "tomorrow". Don't hold back ... just jump in ... then take it one step at a time.

Shanie said...

Girl...again, your work is so beautiful! The patience & time it takes to do these! So, how much for the green one? I love it! XO

Anonymous said...

I am also in "Flying Lessons" and am so glad that I found you. You speak of perfectionism and I just want to say that there is no such thing as "perfect". I have been working with Christine Kane and her Uplevel your Business e-course and she says to just start with imperfect is a great way to think of it. By starting imperfectly we are allowing ourselves to not be waiting for perfect and it gets us going.

I think that your baskets are awesome and they deserve to be out in the world. We can only hold on to so many of our creations.There is not enough storage space! tee hee

I am one to talk! I just started a blog late last night after thinking about it since the first of the year. I have to feels great! Now I have to get something in my empty Etsy shop! ha ha....we'll do it together.


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

These baskets ROCK!!! As a fellow crocheter AND a fellow flyer,I say you are on your way!

Kelly said...

HI there Honeybee,
I wanted to say thank you for checking out my blog and leaving your sweet note. And I know exactly what you mean about that horrible monster known to all of us as "Perfectionism". I have to fight it all the time too, don't let sneak up on you. Your work is just great, and I'm jealous of your daughter's poncho!
I also strive to be better at blogging, together we can make it happen!

Deborah said...

**squeals** I would SO buy one of these! Seriously. WHERE IS YOUR ETSY???

I am loving the class, vacillating between being inspired and filled with fear. It is truly making me realize I need to live life to the fullest. NO FEAR. Brave Girl! I am reading the class every day, but cannot possibly keep up daily with the process, so I am cutting and pasting for a PRIVATE WORK SHEET just for me, that I would never share, but I need more time with Kelly's wonderful work.

Yes yes yes, blog every day, or every week day. I have made so many REAL friends...wonderful artists and giving, strong women, that I cannot believe they have befriended me...we call each other Sisterfriends. One could never understand until they experience...connection of the human spirit through the internet...but then, that is exactly what Kelly is doing with this class!

BE A BRAVE GIRL! **blows kisses** Deb

dandelion dreamer said...

I loved reading your post and those baskets are great.....good luck!

Concetta said...

You are making beautiful things!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you!

your projects are beautiful! really really nice.

as for perfectionism... my mom does clay and stained glass. often times when i go over to her studio as she is getting ready for a farmers market she will have left out numerous bowls and vases. i ask why and she will answer, "oh those are too ugly." meaning they are not perfect.

i talk her into taking them and most often those are the first items to sell. that's part of "handmade". they aren't perfect. if people wanted perfect they could go buy their baskets, pottery, etc, at walmart ;)

love your stuff! i'll be checking in often...

hissnhowl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I LOVE your baskets! I've never seen anything like them.
Happy Flying!

Shanie said...

Hey girl...thanks so much for all your sweet notes on my blog!, much is the green basket!? Open your etsy! XO

NatashaMay said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some awesome crochet work here. I wish I had that kind of patience.
See you around! :)

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Hello Melissa - this is Lorrie again! I'm soooo sorry that I called you "Julia". I couldn't believe that I did that ... when I looked at your blog again I realize that I wrote down the quote on your blog by Julia Cameron and I must have had the name Julia in my mind when I was making a comment.

I've started to work out a system to keep track of all of the wonderful artists that I'm meeting while doing Kelly Rae's course. There are so many of us - and I am still struggling to figure out how to organize who is doing what (collage, painting, photography, jewellery, etc), names and blog address, etc.

So much to learn and share! Have a great week.


Jo said...

Thank you so very much for flying by my blog and for your kind comment. Had to flutter over here in return and, wow, I soooo love your baskets. I can completely empathise with your battles with perfection and the fear that what we create won't be 'good enough'. But you ARE enough, hun. You have sooo much beauty and creativity to share!
Its overwhelming what we're learning with Kelly, but I'm realising that she is not going to rest until we have stepped out of the security of our cosy nests and taken flight!!
big hugs
Jo xxxx

Monica@The White Bench said...

I'm coming over from Flying Lessons... what beautiful baskets!!! I'm in love ;)
Hope we will take flight soon!
My best,

Kristi said... many of us can relate to the inner critic. Like you, I have heard that monster in my head. But....hoping Kelly Rae Roberts and her flying lessons can help dim the voice and let the sparkles in our selves glow.

Nostalgia said...

The baskets are very very good. It's quite exciting to see a different material used for crochet and the bright colors make it look rich and vibrant.