Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lovely Colors

A glimpse of my garden. Orange Helenium and purple Penstemon. I love these colors together.

I have been working on some new ideas for my crochet. I started to realize that maybe there is a reason why I am drawn to so many forms of artistic expression. Perhaps so that I can combine them in new and exciting ways. At least that is my hope. Being inspired is such a wonderful thing!


Anne said...

Hi, Melissa,

Glad you're feeling inspired!

I like what you say about combining forms of artistic expression. I was feeling a little down earlier worrying that I enjoy too many forms of artistic expression, but I think you're right and that one thing can lead to another as well as being combined in interesting and different ways!

I have lots of purple/blue and yellow/orange in my garden, too. So much of my color inspiration comes from nature. Oh, and I'm wearing an amber-y colored dress with a purple sweater today.

Jo said...

I am looking forward to seeing how you combine the gorgeous shades of these Orange Helenium and purple Penstemon in your work.... truly beautiful!
Hugs xx

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

I love these colors too, gorgeous flowers! I look forward to seeing where your inspiration takes you.


Pat said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. I live in Bowie, a little bit of a ways from Leesburg, but not too far. Love your blog and the colors of the flowers are so gorgeous together!

Concetta said...

Hello lovely Honey bee collecting nectar from all the different art forms - look forward to seeing what comes out. And thanks so much for your encouragement on my blog. :)

Juliette Crane said...

what gorgeous flowers! your shop and blog look so lovely! it makes me smile to see so much color! you are super inspiring and i am so glad we're in kelly's class together!

best wishes to you!

Heartfire At Home said...

Hi Melissa, just stopping by to say thanks for your visit and lovely words on my blog! Your blog is delightful, and I LOVE your crochet. I very nearly bought a huge crochet patchwork quilt at a flea market last week.... I'm still pondering where I'd put it, I just loved the look of it so much! Kelly's course is great isn't it!?

Linda. xox :)

Msartist said...

Lovely flower images~ and your crochet bowls are lovely too.
Glad to meet you via flying lessons~