Friday, June 18, 2010

New Zealand Inspiration

What inspires me? Nature, color, texture. Today I decided to write about a very special place. New Zealand. We took one of our school holidays while we were living in Australia to visit the South Island. One of the places we visited was the Franz Joseph Glacier. The walk out to the glacier was full of raw beauty and texture. I felt as though I had stepped back millions of years, watching the earth be formed by the slow movement of the glaciers. I saw the beginnings of new life.

The glacier.

Mossy boulder.

Lovely layers of rock.

Close-up of the glacier.

Scraping the glacier, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

It was such a magical trip. And I'm not talking about Disney World. I am talking about the real world, the natural world. 


Jo said...

Ahhhh the 'real' magical world of nature - a zillion times better than Disney!! I remember taking our kids to Disneyland Paris, to guage how they would respond to a more lengthy and intense trip to the Florida themeparks.... interesting. We quickly realised our kids needed space, freedom, the unpredictable, more scope to use their own imaginations rather than having someone else's synthetic 'wonderment' lavished upon them. A few months later we took them on a very 'humble' trip to south Wales, staying in an ancient cottage in the middle of nowhere: at the bottom of the garden a salmon river and dense woodland, and a short scramble away a rocky beach complete with rockpools and.... fossils. The conclusion: we never made it to Florida... the wild unpredictability of the outdoors and the possibility of 'adventure' won everytime!!

Once again, Melissa, I adore your wonderful photos. What a rich source of beauty and inspiration they are. Thank you!
Hugs xx

Carol (honeywine) said...

such a wonderful place it!!

Amelia said...

sometimes I really do find it truly amazing what nature creates. I went to Australia quite a few years back now and I too endless photographs of rock formations and the lovely patterns I could see in the nature there and it was so different to England.


Monica@The White Bench said...

Aaahh! Fabulous place, Melissa! I'd like to visit one day. I've never been down under.
I agree with you- Nature is magical! I always find such great inspiration in it!

Johwey Redington said...

Love those orange rocks with green moss. It does look magical! :D

Kel said...

i saw your profile pic and thought you were a kiwi
'looks like NZ'
i'm an aussie but love NZ as a spectacular holiday destination