Monday, June 14, 2010

Doe a Deer

She ran across our path and stood in the woods, about ten feet away. She stared at me while I gently talked to her. I admired those big eyes and ears and compared her red fur to my greyhound's fur. She decided to move across the path again. Then she just stared as we walked away.

She was a whitetail deer. I know so many people consider them garden enemy number one, but I do not, and I do love my garden. Perhaps they know of my adoration because they rarely nibble my plants. Or maybe my neighbors have a better buffet.

I do wish I had taken my camera for this morning's walk. But I will always have that image of that lovely doe in my mind.

I did take photos in my garden, as well as photos of my new crocheted bowl.

Old-fashioned orange daylily.

Bee on a sunflower.

Mountain bluet.

Strange bug on Shasta Daisy. 

Scabiosa beginning to open, with seedpod in background.

First butterfly photo of the season. A cabbage white.

The cabbage white in flight!

The hot pink and black basket I created this weekend. 

I started work on it outside and loved how the pink shimmered in the sun.

My child has mistaken my bowl for a hat! Both of my children have this habit.  :-)


Gina Lee Kim said...

What a great post! Inspiring photos....especially the last one!

But wow....I wish I could crochet baskets (or hats :) like you.

Monica@The White Bench said...

Beautiful! And oooh, thanks for strolling me down memory lane! I remember I was in Maine, a couple of years ago, and a beautiful deer stopped by our car while we were driving across a wood. She stared at me. I stared at her, and even if I was holding my camera in my hands in that very moment, I just kept staring at her in wonder! Those beauties are not so common over here!
Fabulous flowers and cute hat ;))
P.S You made my day with your comment. Please be gentle with your hands!

risa said...

Lovely photos and basket! I wish the sun would come out here so I could take a lovely garden walk!

Jo said...

What beautiful plants you have growing in your garden (you also take awesome photos btw!) so I'm not surprised your doe didn't wish to disturb them. ;0) Sigh... I'm so envious that you have such gentle creatures living close by.
And another pretty crochet bowl - the stitches are so crisp and even. Gorgeous!
hugs xx

Shanie said...

So cute! Kids are so fun. Loving that you saw a deer. Lucky you! They are so beautiful. Your garden is just lovely! XO

Anne said...

Beautiful garden photos!

Isn't crocheting outside wonderful?

suzanna leigh said...

I really like the notion that the deer do not destroy your garden because you love them and let them know it. I have had similar experiences with other creatures. I am currently working on creating a garden and putting up a deer fence. The deer here have developed a taste for almost everything, including things I thought were poisonous!

Vivian said...

Great photos on your blog! I loved the story of the deer...I had a similar situation with a rabbit near my garden. I let her raise her babies in the corner of my garden and my plants were never nibbled! Thanks for visiting my blog. I live in South Riding.

Katie @ said...

I take waaaaay too many pictures of deer each time they creep into our yard. Who can resist - for as you say, they carry this sense of grace and beauty which is such a beautiful addition to a day.

Deborah said...

Oh what fabulous shots you got! Splendid!!! I really like the cropped shot of your new bowl, where it's a bit of a mystery of what it is. I just read yesterday somewhere on ETSY tips yesterday about doing that for the thumbnail to catch the eye. See, you have a natural talent for this.
**kisses** Deb

Kerri said...

sorry you didn't have the camera for the doe, but all the other pictures are great!! :) and i am so glad that the doe just nibbles at your garden and that you don't mind. everybody's happy! :)

Msartist said...

Lovely photographs of your garden flowers~ Your textile bowls are quite pretty. Dropping in from flying lessons. Glad to meet you~

Jen said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

lovely stream of photos fellow flyer! -Robin

Wini said...

Hi, I love your pretty macro shots of flowers with the butterflies and bees!! I enjoy taking macro photos too. Lol re your son. I think the "hat" suits him! :)

Kristi said...

beautiful, beautiful photographs! And I could easily see my kids doing the same thing with the bowl. Too funny.

Ruff Haven said...

Holy Smokes woman those bowls are beautiful!
Love the story about your deer. I believe the deer do not eat your buffet because they know how you feel about them.
Love your blog.
I'll visit as often as I am able.