Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Latest Crochet Creations

I took some time today to work on my photography. I practiced on my latest design which is a wave stitch. I like the fluidity of these bowls, the way the satin cord makes me want to sculpt it once it is completed. I also used the wave stitch on a hemp twine acorn bowl. The shape of it is very fun.

Coral and light blue satin cord crochet bowl.

Doesn't my prop look delicious?

Fuchsia and apple green satin cord crochet bowl.

Close-up of my stitches.

Turquoise and black satin cord crochet bowl.

Turquoise and white hemp cord acorn crochet bowl.

Another view.

View of the lid.

What do you think? I do feel like my photos are starting to show improvement. I know I have been told many times to take lots of shots, but I skimped a bit because it was hot outside and the gnats were gnawing on me.

The next series of designs I am going to work with softer colors of the satin cord. As much as I love the brights, I want to be able to offer muted tones as well.


suzanna leigh said...

The photos look good. Great close-ups, great color. Are you using a three sided while "light box"-- three sides of the box lined with white paper? I'm considering building one.

Jo said...

Really love your photos - they capture the texture, luminosity of the thread and gorgeous colour perfectly. Really like the 'wavy' pattern and the different shapes of your baskets - sooo versatile. Fantastique!!
Hugs xxx

Jen said...

Amazing work. And I love your photos (especially the close up).

Anne said...

Looking really good! And I love your new website, too!


Karin said...

I just love these! The green and pink one is my favoite the silky look to them.

Kerri said...

yes!! the photos are great. i can see the shiney-ness of the shiny of the satin!

Jacqueline said...

Your crochet items are soo gorgeous and i really adore the colors you used. It is always such fun to photograph lovely creations. I think your photos turn out really good! Keep it up! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


Michele from Pipi La La said...

Such lovely work! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am glad you love New Zealand. ♥

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Lissa, Thank you ever so much for your recent blog kindness and encouragement. These are fantastic by the way! I would love to learn how to crochet. Can you teach me?

When it comes to photographs, well, I'm utterly useless! I give all that duty to my husband. Most of my blog photos are his work.

Robin Norgren said...

I TRULY ENJOY the way you fuse colors!