Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sailing On to Wordpress

Sailing on Sydney Harbour
© 2006 Melissa Prell
It's time for some moving and shaking! I am in the process of moving this blog as well as my website to Wordpress. So if you have tried to get to my website this week, you will see an error message. As soon as the transfer of my domain is complete, I will begin building my new website. My goal is to make my website and blog more interactive and fun for my visitors. Stay tuned!


Jo said...

Soooo exciting, Melissa. I'm looking forward to sailing with you on this new adventure!!
Hugs xxx

Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Melissa, im also looking forward to sailing with you. :) Sounds exciting! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Laura Pallatin said...

Is wordpress better than blogspot? I find blogspot pretty easy to use. Will you put me on your list for announcing the new site? I'd love to come take a look.

Anonymous said...

and fun for you as well. I love wordpress. It's a great layout and blog management system. Can't wait to see more!