Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Last week I joined The Next Chapter book blogging group for The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. Each week we read and write about a book chapter and what it means to us. The first chapter is titled, "Acknowledging Your Creative Self". My blog was created specifically to find my creative self. I have felt the pull toward art for many years, but it is just now that I am fully responding to that pull. I have been doing some mixed media art and have recently become interested in abstract art, which I wrote about in my previous post. I am at the beginning of my creative journey, and right now I am enjoying the process of learning. The scrapbook page I included here I did last year and it showcases my interests including art, travel, flowers, crochet and birds.


BelleEnchanted said...

I love the idea of responding fully to the pull of creativity. It reminds me that creativity is always there with us, waiting for whenever we're ready to embrace it.

I love the painting in your header, too!

Kavindra said...

Congratulations on giving in to the pull! It's going to be an interesting and inspirational 12 weeks.

CynthiaMarie said...

Hi -- found you over at Belle's blog. Delacroix! -- I adore you already! I'm there with you; just claimed Artist and it was easy, what a surprise!

Your children are beautiful!


Jamie Ridler said...

I love that your scrapbook page shows you surrounded by things that you love. It's almost like a dreamboard!

I'm so glad that blogging through this book together can be a part of your creative journey. I hope it's filled with joy.

traveler one said...

What a fun ride we are all in for! Welcome to the group!

dolci said...

Your blog gives such a nice glimpse of your journey. I especially like the abstract sequence that you have done. Thank you for your comment on my photos.