Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Is Artful, Anyway?

I was playing with some frames tonight to see if any of my art is "frame-worthy". I had two frames which would only fit my 8" x 8" canvases. I did not like how any of my art looked. Perhaps it was the frame or the mat. Afterward, I felt a bit dejected, like maybe I am kidding myself that I have any artistic talent. I realize that everyone who attempts any kind of creative endeavor feels this way from time to time. I know I just need to keep working, practicing, and trying new things. Maybe I need to stop looking at the amazing work other artists are creating and focus on my own art. But my art feels so insignificant. I have to remember that my work is a part of me; therefore, it does have worth, regardless of the quality of it.

Here is a link to my work for the Art Every Day Month challenge which I have been participating in for the month of November. And a link to the AEDM pool, to see everyone else's work. I know, it is too early for me to give up on something that has tugged at my soul for a very long time. I will find my artful purpose, as long as I continue the search for it.

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Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

I reached your post via AEDM. Just closed my eyes and clicked a link and here I am. You post really resonated with me. I have a hard time avoiding making comparisons with my art also. Sometimes i even feel silly posting my art on AEDM because I feel it's beginner bumbling and I am not in the same league as the other artists. I appreciate knowing that I am not the only one feeling this way. If you discover the answer to whether or not it is beneficial to look at other people art or not, please pass it on. ;-) Thank you for being brave enough to post your art and your feelings so honestly. We can give ourselves credit for that, if nothing else, right!?!