Friday, September 19, 2008

Two of My Favorite Things

We adopted a retired racing greyhound last November named Belle Starr. We had never owned a dog. I never knew that greyhounds were so mellow. You would expect such a fast animal would be high-strung. Not at all. While there are exceptions, most greyhounds are laid-back couch potatoes. But they do love their walks and an occasional run. Belle is the best companion we could have ever asked for.
We adopted her from the most wonderful group, Blue Ridge Greyhound Adoption. We just had our annual picnic and had lots of lovely hounds. One of the most amazing things is that even at a park full of greyhounds, they are very quiet. They rarely bark. They sniff and say hi to one another, but that is it. 

Another of my favorite things is digital scrapbooking. I enjoy the creative process of putting together a digital layout. Of course the best part is being able to tweak it ad infinitum in Photoshop. 

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m_prell said...

I love the perspective of this photo. The close up shot of Belle looks so large with the expansive sky behind her.

You have such a natural eye for setting up this shot and capturing this wonderful perspective.